Sunday, August 14, 2005

La Migration Bigoudenn

One of the best short films this year at siggraph electronic thatre was this short film made by three Gobelins students. I am constantly amazed by the quality and originality of the shorts coming out from that school. Cant wait to compete with them next year :)

you can watch the short here

And here is another short done by students of Supinfocom called overtime , you can watch it here


At 3:51 PM, Blogger Benjamin De Schrijver said...

Yep, the french do kick ass :)
I had the pleasure of seeing these two on the big screen at an animation festival called e-magiciens at Supinfocom. I can tell you, Overtime is even ten times more amazing on a big screen, in a dark room, with hundreds of people being completely silent, while they had been clapping to the music all night long.
It had completely stunned them, and me.

La Migration Bigoudenn was my third favourite that evening, after Overtime and an incredibly entertaining short called Hernando's Hideaway. I think that's on the net somewhere too. I've got it on my HD now :D

- Benjamin

At 4:18 PM, Blogger Ali said...

yea i saw them all on the big screen at electronic theatre :) There is this one other short from gobelins i am trying to find , its about a ventriqoulist (sp?) and his puppet in a audition. they showed it in the animation theatre at siggraph , it was hilarious!

At 1:35 PM, Blogger Benjamin De Schrijver said...

I wish I knew what ventriqoulist meant :D

But "puppet in a audition" doesn't sound too familiar. That e-magiciens event showed only few gobelins stuff, so I probably won't have seen it. Mostly Supinfocom, and some other schools and independant animators.

- Benjamin


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