Friday, November 25, 2005

%35 off till noon!

Its that time of the year again when you HAVE to go out and shop because everything is on SALE! its %50 off , dont wait here go!

I like to wait this kinda thing off because the shopping crowds get emotional when there is only one M size sweater left and 10 people want it.

I wonder what the casualty rate will be at the end of the day , take a look at this video from orlando wallmart where they sell laptops with a $300 discount: (click on watch shoppers scuffle in florida)

CNN Link

If you want a laptop so damn badly go use a coupon at the dell online store and get it with much better deal , and you dont even have to wait for thanksgiving to get it.

The stores are responsible for this though. Bestbuy , target , etc all have "Huge Saving" events going on from opening in 5am to 12 noon only. They might as well build a arena and have people fight to death for the coveted plasma tv. Hmm i think i'll sell this idea to FOX..


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