Friday, June 24, 2005

Howls Moving Castle

Got to see Howls Moving Castle yesterday at sony metreon. What a wonderful movie! Everytime I go see a Miyasaki movie i leave the theatre thinking "why didnt i think of that?" well he is a genious.

Actually i never get the story of miyasaki movies , but because of the character dynamics they are soooo much fun to watch. Same with this one , Young girl is working at a cloth shop and she is not pretty compares to her sisters , for some reason a witch goes into the store and casts a curse on her that makes her age to 90. Thats when I said "whoa! you wont see anyone do that" imagine trying to pitch a movie to dreamworks where the main character is a 90 year old granny. :)

After that she travels around trying to break the curse and ends up in howls castle. I shall say no further so I dont spoil the movie.

Make sure to see it if its playing in a theatre near you , its a wonderful film.


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