Saturday, September 03, 2005

Emperors New Groove - Special Edition DVD

Disney is coming out with a special edition dvd for emperors new groove , which in my opinion is the best film Disney ever made. I wish they made it like the Incredibles DVD where you get your animators commentary and many awesome making of's but its still a improvement over the old DVD which didnt include much of a making of section.

Click here to go take a look at whats included.


At 11:27 AM, Blogger Benjamin De Schrijver said...

So basically, there's nothing interesting up there except for the directors commentary (at least not for someone who wants to be an animator, and not director, like you ;) ). The "making-of" is about the voices and computer stuff. And the rest is games, games, games... I always cringe when I see great Disney potential go to waste in games. And stupid games, mostly. For crying out loud, a SE should be about the FILM, not about how much you can milk the characters to keep 5-year olds busy for 10 minutes! The Pixar DVD's have done a great job up till now. And my favorite DVD of all time must be that Alladin SE. And probably the Beauty and the Beast collectors edition (2-disc), but I haven't had the pleasure to get my hands on that. Only place I could find it was for €65. Urgh. Anyways, I'm waiting for the Lilo&Stitch 2-disc edition (MY favorite Disney Classic after B&B and Dumbo), which will contain some stuff about Joe Grant.

Anywho, thanks for the heads-up. Now I know not to spend money on it :)

- Benjamin

At 11:34 AM, Blogger Ali said...

Yea I agree with you. I bet they will come up with a ultra special edition for its "10th year anniversary" or something.

At 5:04 PM, Blogger J said...

They already have a 2 disc version of new groove with tons of model sheets and such. They're probably just re-releasing it to coincide with the release of New groove 2:kronks new groove. Wierd.


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