Friday, September 09, 2005

Ipod Mini Sucks

Ok I havent bitched about anything since starting this Blog which is almost a violation of its term of agreements. Thank you Apple for providing me with the opportunity.

So I went to visit a good friend of mine yesterday and he sold me this Ipod Mini for cheaper then the retail. I already had a crappy 128 mb mp3 player called IROCK (oh yea!) but after using it for 3 years it looks like it walked through a minefield with clown shoes. Anyway , so I came home and opened up the real nice packaging. On the Ipod it says "please install software before connecting Ipod" so i am like "ok" i pop in the cd , the computer freezes.

after a restart and the installation of the drivers I hooked up the Ipod ready to transfer some good music.

After opening the folders and messing around a bit i realized you cant just drag drop mp3's on the ipod , or if you can its not clear cause it didnt find the songs i dragged in. So i open the manual index it says "page 16- file transfer" you go to page 16 and it says "please refer to page 9 for the 4 step easy file transfer. what next? "go to the corner of 16th and Geary and await further instructions , come alone"? The manual does a great job of being vague.

so i install itunes and put some mp3's on the thing. Now i heard a lot about how great the ipod sound quality is and all that and how the apple headphones are great , lies!

the thing sounds like a lo-fi radio recovered from a deep sea dive. There is absolutely NO bass regardless of the eq setting and i tried 4 different headphones including my Sony stereo monitor headphones , still no go. My $40 IROCK mp3 player has way better sound then the ipod.

rant over ,

I have to go try one of those Creative Zen players now.


At 10:17 PM, Blogger Ryan Heuett said...

were you drinking before or while you were trying to figure this out?

me love ipod longtime

hehehe, anyways, my sound works good, hmmm. but yeah, once you get it working with itunes, it rocks

At 2:06 AM, Blogger Ali said...

Hey Ryan :)

Do you have the mini or the big ones?
because the 20 gb versions sound fine , its the mini that sucks.

At 10:12 AM, Blogger Ryan Heuett said...

whats up ali!

I have one of the big ones (ipod photo)

looks like I was the one not paying attention! I haven't heard much with ipod mini's, and that sucks the smaller ones don't sound good


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